Terms & Conditions

Sign up:

This membership operates a subscription fee of £29 a month payable via Stripe (your debit/credit card)  starting from the date you sign up up the membership.

Sign up closes within 1 week of promotion, unless otherwise stated.

There are a limited number of stylists accepted in each intake, the number of which is at the discretion of the company. There may also be periods of time when the membership is open to new members with no closure date, also at the company’s discretion.

Shoudl you cancel your membership,  you will no longer have access to your portal.

Please note: Your contract will be with Paypal/Stripe and ourselves and there will be legal consequences if payment due is not received and your portal access denied.

All content is copyrighted and for your eyes only. It is not to be shared with others either privately or via social or any other media. Under no circumstances are materials to be distributed or sold on.

Any phone calls and all correspondence is private and confidential. None of your personal or business details will be shared with third parties.You can complete any tasks in your on time but will only have access to your portal whilst retaining your membership.

Please note: Although some content (downloads, tasks, tools) may be the same for more than 1 stylist, the order given and full package will be bespoke to the individual stylist.